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Speaking Experience at WordCamp events and other events

I regularly speak at the Geneva Meetup group, to introduce others or when we have no other speaker.

I spoke several times in WordCamp and other events, see below.

I was also scheduled to co-host a workshop at WordCamp Paris in 2020 with my friend Michelle Bulloch, but the event was canceled due to COVID.

I have several talk ideas ready, in English, French and Italian, for a next round of events 🙂

Switzerland Community Day 2024 – Murten, Switzerland

I organised, presented the day and facilitated discussions with all participants. The day was aimed at contributors from Switzerland and a few international guests. It lead to very fruitful discussions (notes coming soon). Event site.

WordCamp Verona 2023 – Italy

I gave a “lightning talk” (10 minutes) at WordCamp Verona on 18 November 2023, see here. You can see the replay, the slides and more information on my “Crashtest beta multisite presentation” blog post.

WordCamp Europe 2023 – Athens – Greece – panel

I have been invited to be a panelist on the topic “Contributing to WordPress without knowing how to code“. The host was Birgit Olzem (Germany), and the other panelists were Junko Nukaga (Japan) and Alice Orrù (Italy/Spain). Our MC was Birgit Pauli-Haack (Germany). The topic raised interesting points and gave information to people who hesitate to contribute. It even inspired a person to join the contribution mentorship pilot program (first cohort) 5 minutes after the end of our panel!

You can see the replay here below or on

WordCamp Lausanne 2018 – Switzerland – talk

I spoke at WordCamp Lausanne. As I was a co-organiser, I was not scheduled to give a talk, besides the panel, but as 4 speakers didn’t make it to Lausanne, last minute warning, we had to find a replacement. So I was not prepared and had no slides but it was great. See the video from WordPress TV (or here below).

I spoke about “fighting the fear of public speaking” and gave tips and tricks, such as the bottle of water, meditation, breathing, and training in meetup events and with Toastmasters. I would like to speak about that topic again, in English, as an upgrade to that Lausanne talk = not the tips and tricks, but about the inspiration to give a talk in a WordCamp, and how to find that exciting. I’ll propose that.

WordCamp Lausanne 2018 – Switzerland – panel

Then, in the same WordCamp, I was suggested by the organiser in charge of speakers to be the “local” participant to a panel talking about how women are perceived in the WordPress community, and in general. I was with other great ladies: Deborah Donnier, Frédérique Game, Carole Olinger and Emilie Lebrun. See the video from WordPress TV here below.

WordCamp Marseille 2017 – France

The second talk was in WordCamp Marseille 2017. The title was “S’inspirer du code des WordCamps dans la vie de tous les jours” (EDIT March 2024: the title should have read WordCamp). You can see it on WordPress TV or here below. The first 10 minutes of video are missing, but sound is there.

The slides are here.

On WordCamp Lausanne 2018 site

Presentation video we made as organisers

Video courtesy of WordCamp Lausanne, by Cyril Bron

You can read the full bio going with this video on the WordCamp Lausanne site (English), (français).

WordCamp Switzerland 2014 in Zurich

The first time was in Zurich for WordCamp Switzerland 2014. The video never made it to WordPress TV. I was presenting a site I made for local communities, with BBPress forums, BuddyPress and membership (site now closed).

Header photo by Silvan Hagen. Switzerland Community Day 2024 opening remarks 23 March 2024