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My blog here

This website, blog, the hub of it all


My goal is to create a wonderful and exciting international community of like-minded people. It’s launching soon,

The first idea came from when I was learning for Virtuaza and Suissesromands (see below), I struggled to find all the necessary and essential tools such as WordPress plugins and themes, their translations, objective reviews, marketing courses, personal development sites, courses, books, in order to be productive on our blogs. I dreamed to find a central place where to find them all, I didn’t find such a place so I decided to create it.

And then the idea went further as I realised that most of the things available online are made for a “standardized-international-English speaking” point of view. I would like the cultural flavours added, and from there a better understanding of each other’s cultures and share and  so the idea went from BlogInteration, a tool for bloggers, to Interaction Site, a community site where we can share ideas and aim for a better world. To be opened soon.


Virtuaza : My 1st business site opened in June 2006, to create websites for small businesses, freelancers, clubs, etc
The offer is currently under rework, as I now work mostly with WordPress, either as a full standalone installation on hosting, or as an account on my new multisite offer :
to get an account to blog, without the hassle of installation/update/security/maintenance.
Get access to premium plugins and themes I bought the developer license for, to offer my customers, including Genesis by StudioPress¤, ElegantThemes¤, CobaltApps¤, Themify¤, and some Woo Themes, and premium plugins such as WPMU domain name, membership, etc. And PrettyLinks ¤, Premise Landing Page, CommentLuv, WPML¤ (multilanguage) and a full list of plugins you don’t want to miss. For international bloggers, the plugins and themes are in the process to be translated (via a community site) to offer your visitors an experience in your language.

I initialy wanted to offer multisite accounts there for people in Romandy, after re-think, I thought it would be better to offer communities resources to the local people of Suisse Romande (Romandy in Switzerland) and have the multisite hosting going international on another site (Virtuaza described above). Suissesromands is currently being in reshape process and soon in beta phase, I want to focus on micro communities, and take care of (the municipality where I live), and part of SuissesRomands site, and delegate other municipalities subsites. You can subscribe on the site to the email list (in French) to be informed of the progress.

All my sites are hosted at SiteGround ¤ on a VPS (virtual private server).

More info soon.


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