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You can contact me for anything: I like to make friends from all over the world 🙂 but when making friends on facebook, send me also a message for me to know who you are!

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Patricia’s personal profiles

Patricia BT personal profile on Facebook
Patricia BT Hub page on Facebook
@PatriciaBT70 on X (ex-Twitter)
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Patricia70 WordPress profile (and @patriciabt on WP’s slack)
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Patricia on Youtube
Patricia BT on Meetup
Patricia BT on uHive (personal space) – mobile only
Patricia BT on TikTok


Main site
Group on Facebook
Page on Facebook
@InteractionSite on X (ex-Twitter) on Mastodon
Interaction Site on Instagram
InteractionSiteCommunity on Youtube
Interaction Site on uHive – mobile only
InteractionSite on TikTok
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Main site
Page on Facebook
@Virtuaza on X (ex-Twitter)
VirtuazaNetwork on Youtube
Virtuaza on uHive – mobile only

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