I love community and human relations centered projects, and I like everything open-source which allows everyone to have their voices heard (“Democratize publishing”). I have these values in common with WordPress and its code of conduct.

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Here is how I like to contribute to the amazing WordPress project, a tool that anyone can use freely.

I like to get involved in the WordPress community, as it’s a pleasant way to give back to WordPress what WordPress allows me to accomplish with Virtuaza, patriciabt.com, WPMondo (previously GatheringWP) and Interaction.Site.

I co-organise the WordPress meetups in Geneva since 2013. This group have been created in 2012 by Paolo Belcastro and Jenia Laszlo, and when they left Geneva, 2-3 of us took the group in charge. We organise monthly meetups from September to June, and talk about various topics for all kind of knowledge level. We like to be very inclusive and welcoming, and always follow the meetups by a dinner out.

I have also been part of the WordCamps organisation teams in Geneva in 2016, Bern in 2017, Lausanne 2018, Zurich 2019, Genève 2022 ( 2020 postponed to 2022, due to COVID) and WordCamp Switzerland 2023. I have been a volunteer at WordCamp Europe in 2017, 2019, 2022, 2023, among other WordCamps. I applied to be an organiser for WordCamp Europe 2024 in Torino. I’m also sometimes a microsponsor or a speaker. See a full list below.

I now also contribute to the community team by being an official Event Supporter = previously called “WordCamp mentor”, an intermediary between the WordCamp’s lead-organisers and WPCS (WordPress Community Support, the entity behind all official WordPress events) to guide and support local lead-organisers.

List of past and future WordCamps participation and role

Independent events, which are not official WordCamps, are also mentioned (such as WPTech, WPSessions, WordFest Live, …).
My role is mentioned when I was a speaker, (co-)organiser, volunteer, microsponsor, or just a happy simple attendee.


  • WordCamp Europe in Torino – Italy, 13-15 June 2024, organiser, more information soon…
  • Maybe a local WordCamp in Switzerland? TBC


“Event supporter” for the following WordCamps:




  • WPSessions’ WooSesh, online event, 12-14 October 2020, attendee
  • WPSessions’ WordSesh EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, Africa) online event, 2 Sep 2020, speaker
  • WordCamp Europe “online” – due to COVID-19, the event initially planned to be held in Porto, Portugal, 4-6 June 2020, became an online event, attendee
  • WordCamp Paris – France, due to COVID-19, the WordCamp Paris, initially planned for 17 April 2020 has been postponed to a later date or cancelled, I was scheduled to be a speaker
  • WordCamp Genève, postponed, see 2022, lead-organiser







  • WordCamp Zurich – Switzerland, 3-4 May 2014, speaker (but the talk never made it onto WordPress TV)
  • WordCamp Paris – France, 17-18 January 2014, attendee


Speaking Experience at WordCamps

I regularly speak at Geneva meetups, to introduce others or when we have no other speaker.

I spoke 5 times in WordCamps, see below.

I was also scheduled to co-host a workshop at WordCamp Paris in 2020 with my friend Michelle Bulloch, but the event was canceled due to COVID.

I have several talks ideas ready, in English, French and Italian, for a next round of WordCamps 🙂

WordCamp Europe 2023 – Athens – Greece – panel

I have been invited to be a panelist on the topic “Contributing to WordPress without knowing how to code“. The host was Birgit Ozlem (Germany), and the other panelists were Junko Nukaga (Japan) and Alice Orrù (Italy/Spain). Our MC was Birgit Pauli-Haack (Germany). The topic raised interesting points and gave info to people who hesitate to contribute.

You can see the replay here from timecode 5:04:44

Lausanne – Switzerland 2018 – talk

I spoke at WordCamp Lausanne. As I was a co-organiser, I was not scheduled to give a talk, besides the panel, but as 4 speakers didn’t make it to Lausanne, last minute warning, we had to find a replacement. So I was not prepared and had no slides but it was great. See the video from WordPress TV (or here below).

I spoke about “fighting the fear of public speaking” and gave tips and tricks, such as the bottle of water, meditation, breathing, and training in meetups and with Toastmasters. I would like to speak about that topic again, in English, as an upgrade to that Lausanne talk = not the tips and tricks, but about the inspiration to give a talk in a WordCamp, and how to find that exciting. I’ll propose that.

Lausanne- Switzerland 2018 – panel

Then, in the same WordCamp, I was suggested by the organiser in charge of speakers to be the “local” participant to a panel talking about how women are perceived in the WordPress community, and in general. I was with other great ladies: Deborah Donnier, Frédérique Game, Carole Olinger and Emilie Lebrun. See the video from WordPress TV here below:

Marseille – France 2017

The second talk was in WordCamp Marseille 2017. The title was “S’inspirer du code des WordCamps dans la vie de tous les jours”. You can see it on WordPress TV or here below. The first 10 minutes of video are missing, but sound is there.

The slides are here.

Zurich – Switzerland 2014

The first time was in Zurich for WordCamp Switzerland 2014. The video never made it to WordPress TV. I was presenting a site I made for local communities, with forums and membership.

Mentioned on

1 June 2023 on DoTheWoo podcast: Builder Tips from WordCamp Europe 2023 Speakers, Part 2

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21 February 2020 on Infomaniak’s blog

EN: WordPress – global success driven by the efforts of an open-source community
FR: WordPress : derrière le succès planétaire, une communauté open source s’affaire

We (myself and fellow co-organisers Michelle Bulloch and Maxime Culea) were preparing the WordCamp Genève 2020, the one which has been postponed to 2022 due to COVID, and talking about how to organise a WordCamp and other contributions to WordPress. Thank you to Infomaniak Networks, where the WordCamp Genève 2020’s Contributor Day was to be held.

6 December 2019 on Yithemes website about WordCamp Milano 2019

17 May 2016 on WordCamp Europe 2016 post about the community in Switzerland (among other countries)
Meet the European WordPress Communities – Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland

On WordPress.tv (some WordCamps videos – and many meetups – were never uploaded there)

The Code of Conduct

I love the Code of Conduct, that shows inclusivity and acceptance of everyone. Here below is an extract but you can read the full text here. When we organise WordPress events, or contribute as a speaker, volunteer or sponsor, we have to agree to this code and this enforce good behaviour which should go without saying.

WordCamp CITYNAMEHERE believes our community should be truly open for everyone. As such, we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, age, caste, social class, preferred operating system, programming language, or text editor, among other identifying characteristics.


Be considerate, respectful, and collaborative.

Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory or harassing behavior and speech.

Be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow participants. Alert conference organizers if you notice a dangerous situation or someone in distress.

Participate in an authentic and active way. In doing so, you help to create WordCamp XXX and make it your own.

I love those and that corresponds to my basic values. I gave a presentation at WordCamp Marseille 2017 about that. “Apply to Code of Conduct in our everyday life” (in French).

Another advantage is that participating in WordCamps allows you to meet people from many different countries and cultures.

On WordCamp Lausanne 2018 site

Video courtesy of WordCamp Lausanne, by Cyril Bron

You can read the full bio going with this video on the WordCamp Lausanne site (English), (français).