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I love community and human relations centered projects, and I like everything open-source which allows everyone to have their voices heard (“Democratize publishing”). I have these values in common with WordPress and its code of conduct.

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Read my blog post about “why”

Why I contribute to the open-source WordPress project

Someone once told me I should dedicate time and money to give to useful non-profit organisations, I replied that I contribute to what non-profits can use for free for their outreach! (and own their data, unlike with SaaS solutions such as Wix).
Currently (2023), WordPress powers 43% of the internet and around 65% of all CMS uses.


Here is how I like to contribute to the amazing WordPress project, a tool that anyone can use freely: I co-organise events, apply as a volunteer or speaker in events I do not co-organise, I microsponsor when I can, I take part in different projects (see below) and do as much as I can as a non-sponsored contributor.

I like to get involved in the WordPress community, as it’s a pleasant way (meet wonderful people and make friends from all over the world) to give back to WordPress what WordPress allows me to accomplish with this site patriciabt.com, Interaction.Site and Virtuaza.

Events – Community Team

I’m mostly an organiser in different events, but when I’m not, I try to be a volunteer, a microsponsor or a speaker. See a full list of my participations in WordPress events on this page.

Meetup Events

I co-organise the WordPress Meetup events in Geneva since 2013. This group have been created in 2012 by Paolo Belcastro and Jenia Laszlo. When they left Geneva, 2-3 of us took the group in charge. We used to organise them monthly from September to June, and tried the quarterly bigger events in 2023, and talk about various topics for all kind of knowledge level. We like to be very inclusive and welcoming, and always follow the events by a dinner out. Please consider joining the organisers, We need new people to pass on the torch!

WordCamp Events and other

I have been part of the WordCamp organisation teams in Geneva in 2016, Bern in 2017, Lausanne 2018, Zurich 2019, Genève 2022 ( 2020 postponed to 2022, due to COVID), WordCamp Switzerland 2023 and the Switzerland Community Day (23 March 2024).

I have been a volunteer at WordCamp Europe in 2017, 2019, 2022, 2023, among others. I’m now a co-organiser for WordCamp Europe 2024 (13-15 June 2024 in Torino). The next time, please apply as an organiser, we need to share with new people!

Event supporter

I now contribute to the community team also by being an official Event Supporter = previously called “WordCamp mentor” since January 2023. An Event Supporter is an intermediary between the WordCamp’s lead-organisers and WPCS (WordPress Community Support, the entity behind all official WordPress events) to guide and support local lead-organisers. In 2023, I have been the Event Supporter for WordCamp Vienna, WordCamp Netherlands and WordCamp Biarritz. In 2024, I’m doing the same for an upcoming WordCamp in France, WordCamp Bretagne, date to be announced soon.

I got a very nice comment on Slack from one of the WC Bretagne organisers, Benjamin Denis (SEOPress), thank you!

Patricia (best mentor ever) will be able to answer questions like these better than I can.

Benjamin Denis – SEOPress
Benjamin Denis: pour ce genre de questions Patricia (best mentor ever) saura mieux répondre que moi

Contributor Mentorship Program

February 2024: I’m a mentor and facilitator on the second cohort of the Contributor Mentorship Program. I got two mentees and hope I shared with them my enthusiasm contributing.

Five for the Future

I deeply believe that contributors should be sponsored and want to participate to the Five for the Future initiative coordination, at least by mentioning my opinions on what needs to be changed!

DEIB and Sustainability

Since Sept-October 2023: I also participate to the DEIB working group (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) meetings, led by Birgit Olzem, and the sustainability team meetings, especially to bring back the ideas to the Swiss community and act as a bridge. More on this page.


December 2023: After my “rant” about meetup.com on the main WP contributor Slack (if you are on that slack, read my rant here), Mike Auteri, one of the leads of the GatherPress project, said we were all welcome to join! So did I! This is a great project to hopefully replace meetup.com for WP events one day. As a non-dev, I help with testing, translations, outreach and probably future documentation. On 22 January 2024, we published a proposal on the Make WordPress Community team site. On the same day, I wrote “The Rise of GatherPress” here on the blog.


Since November 2023: Another project in which I am involved as French translator and the French voice is WPpodcast (French version), originally in Spanish by Javier Casares. English is also available as well in Catalan (by Josep Morán) and German (by Simon Kraft). And soon… interviews! and maybe soon to be translated to more languages! The first multilingual WordPress Podcast!

This is not official contribution per say as this is a private initiative, but as it is a weekly summary of what happened in the world of the contribution to WordPress and news from all the Make Teams, I wanted to list it here.

More …

I would love to give more (for example to the WP documentation team, the Training team, or as a Photo directory moderator, etc), but have to work as well 🙂
I’m not sponsored and might in the future be sponsored by my own company when I will establish my LLC (2024) and dedicate working hours to WP contribution instead of doing it on my free time/sleeping time like now. I hope to also be able to sponsor another person for a few hours. Both under the “Five for the Future” program.

Where else

You can find my profiles on WordPress.org, TheWP.world and WPSpeakers.com.