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This “Now” page was inspired by Derek Sivers and Afshana Diya. If you have your own site, you should make one too.


  • Launching Interaction.Site, lots to do, see the roadmap there.
  • Upcoming WordCamp Bretagne, WordCamp Toulouse and WordCamp Konstanz “Event-supporter” (aka mentor).
  • French translator and voice for and help finding people for new languages.
  • WordCamp Europe 2025, Local team lead. Currently (May-August) working with the venue, organising the first venue visit at the end of August with the lead organisers and Production Pool, applications for the city grant and hotel discounts.
  • Starting WPMondo and finding people to interview.
  • Virtuaza change of name to Web Presence Care and relaunch with partnerships with other freelancers.
  • Learning (basics) Hindi, Esperanto and toki pona, and improving Italian and Spanish + doing research on Arpitan (Franco-proven莽al).

May-June 2024

April 2024

  • Started the Interaction.Site Treasure Hunt.
  • Gave one more interview, with Indystack, published on 2 April 2024.
  • Last venue visit for WordCamp Europe 2024 co-organisers in Torino, 4-5 April.
  • WordCamp Europe 2024 co-organiser (13-15 June 2024 in Torino), Volunteer team lead, currently finishing to gather information and needs from other teams, managing volunteer cancellations.
  • Upcoming WordCamp Bretagne, WordCamp Toulouse “Event-supporter” (aka mentor).

March 2024

February 2024

  • Worked on a bug on Interaction.Site that prevented me to launch (membership purchase).
  • Worked on another project for the Swiss WP Community (it was confidential when I wrote in February, now editing in June, it’s WordCamp Europe 2025 in Basel!).
  • Interviewed by BobWP/DoTheWoo and Michelle Frechette about GatherPress, see on that page: References, interviews, spotlights and mentions.
  • WordCamp Europe 2024 co-organiser (13-15 June 2024 in Torino), Volunteer team lead, currently vetting volunteers.

January 2024

More… see the blog posts or the 2023 Archive of this page.