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This is my personal site, where I talk about whatever interests me, or about my personal anectodes, in no particular order, and with no specific targeted audience or SEO-oriented content.

You’ll find my contribution and activity within the WordPress community here and my work related projects on the “All projects” page.

About me

The official bio

(Which I share or adapt on my various profiles)

Global Citizen, community facilitator, connector and problem solver. I’m a “solopreneur” enjoying WordPress – Science/Environment – Peace – Evolution – Humanism – Allyship to Minorities and under-represented groups – Authenticity – Kindness.
My goal is to help everyone get their voice heard and promote global peace.

Additional 🙂

Into WordPress/WordCamps (especially WordCamps and the people of the community) and other open source projects.

Cheese, coffee and chocolate lover…

I also love to learn about linguistics, genealogy, bring the truth to cultural history, fighting fake news and pseudo-sciences.

I love human-centered communities and the common good.

ADHD, hypersensitivity and empathy are my strength!

Read the complete bio and life history in the about me page.

My Projects

See all my current and future activities, on projects I either created or contributed to

Visit Interaction.Site to see what I’m currently working on!