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Patricia BT

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Human Values

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About me

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World Citizen, community facilitator, connector and problem solver. I’m a “solopreneur” enjoying WordPress – Science/Environment – Peace – Evolution – Humanism – Allyship to Minorities and under-represented groups – Authenticity – Kindness.
My goal is to help everyone get their voice heard and promote global peace.

Additional 🙂

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Into WordPress/WordCamp events (especially the people from the community) and other open source projects.

I love: Hugs, RAOK, cheese, coffee and chocolate!

I’m also very much into learn about linguistics, genealogy, bring the truth to cultural history, fighting fake news and pseudo-sciences. I love human-centered communities and the common good.

ADD, hypersensitivity and empathy are my strengths!

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This is my personal site, where I talk about whatever interests me, or about my personal anectodes, in no particular order, and with no specific targeted audience or SEO-oriented content.

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A connector

I have always loved bringing people together. Even when I was a teenager, I wanted friends from different circles and backgrounds to join the party together. That has never changed!

Here are a few reactions I’ve recently received:

Personally, I feel “bringing people together” is your superpower, and that you should really explore it in the personal and business side of things. Not many people have that skill, you most definitely do! :)

Hari Shanker R.

Hi! it was great to see you again! I loved that you aimed the people to stay together after the WordCamp 😀

Francisco Torres

(On X/Twitter)
Happy times at @InteractionSite Coffee Session. @PatriciaBT70 and I just realized we first met 15 years ago. And at some point we’re on the @cmsms dev team together. Now we are both on the organizing team of . She is a true connector in the WordPress community. ❤️

Anne- Mieke Bovelett

(On X/Twitter)

@PatriciaBT70 Simple note you shared on a channel changed my perspective: ‘Never hesitate to ask questions, anytime! No one knows everything!’ It made asking even the silliest questions easier. Grateful for the reminder that learning comes from curiosity.

Krupa Nanda

(2 from private conversations, published here with their consent)