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List of past and future participations in WordCamps, meetups, NextGen events and other type of events

Independent events, which are not official WordCamps, are also mentioned (such as WPTech, WPSessions, WordFest Live, …).
My role is mentioned when I was a speaker, (co-)organiser, volunteer, microsponsor, or just a simple happy attendee.


I would also love to attend/speak/volunteer again at WordCamps in 2024 in France, Spain and Italy (in addition to WCEU)

Event supporter” (aka “WordCamp Mentor”) for the following WordCamp:

  • WordCamp Bretagne 2024, France, Date to be announced
    I got a very nice comment on Slack from one of the WC Bretagne organisers, Benjamin Denis (SEOPress), thank you!

Patricia (best mentor ever) will be able to answer questions like these better than I can.

Benjamin Denis – SEOPress
Benjamin Denis: pour ce genre de questions Patricia (best mentor ever) saura mieux répondre que moi


Event supporter” (aka “WordCamp Mentor”) for the following WordCamps:




  • WPSessions’ WooSesh, online event, 12-14 October 2020, attendee
  • WPSessions’ WordSesh EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, Africa) online event, 2 Sep 2020, speaker
  • WordCamp Europe “online” – due to COVID-19, the event initially planned to be held in Porto, Portugal, 4-6 June 2020, became an online event, attendee
  • WordCamp Paris – France, due to COVID-19, the WordCamp Paris, initially planned for 17 April 2020 has been postponed to a later date or cancelled, I was scheduled to be a speaker
  • WordCamp Genève, postponed, see 2022, lead-organiser