What is Live Your Legend?

Nov 5, 2014

You may already have seen my articles about Live Your Legend or Scott Dinsmore.

Sometimes, my friends here do not understand very well what is  Live Your Legend, so here is a small presentation:

Live Your Legend is a blog by an American named Scott Dinsmore, who realized a few years ago, helping friends, that he could help others to dare starting to live their dreams.

You must know that I have personally met Scott in 2013 and that he is a serious guy, who really want to share what he knows, and he knows to “infuse energy” which may be necessary to start big projects. In my opinion, the strength of Live Your Legend is that it is a community made of many people from every continents (so regardless of our cultures / beliefs / backgrounds etc) and this is a great boost when you need support, which is very important when you are a self-entrepreneur for example, or freelance, or author, or if you have a dream to achieve, whether it be artistic, charity, sports, etc. So Scott is not at all like a “cult-guru” nor the “web scammer” kind as we sometimes see.

There are several tools proposed by Scott. Some are free and some are not, these tools are:

Premium products

The first two programs are selling $ 197 respectively and nearly $ 1,000 now and I’m lucky to have joined the second when it only cost $ 197 (when the program started in 2012), it open to new members once or twice a year. I’m specifically talking about it here.

The third is $ 77 if purchased after November 13, 2014, but at a reduced price of $ 37 if you buy before November 6, 9 am, Central European Time, or $ 57 between 6 and 13 November. The program will begin on November 13 with an online workshop.

Free Tools

  • The newsletter with more than 70,000 subscribers worldwide and more than a dozen great practice tools in the “Toolkit” that you get just by signing up for the newsletter.
  • Live Your Legend Local (LYLL) Groups (worldwide), we are meeting about once a month. Here are the links to the Geneva and Surroundings Group and to the Global Group on the Mightybell platform.

LYLLocal was designed so that we can meet in the flesh in about 150 groups around the world on all continents to support each other and help us achieve our dreams and live our passion whether professional or projects that are important to us. LYLL in the world (and our group in Geneva) exist since early 2014.

For each of Scott products, you can contact me for support, especially in French if you need it, because I am personally part of the online community for Scott and I host LYLLocal Group Geneva. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Now go live your legend!!

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