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Sept 4th, 2013

This post is about Scott Dinsmore from Live Your Legend

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If there is a site which changed my life since last year, it’s LiveYourLegend. End of 2012, I enrolled in a course called “How to Connect With Anyone” and I met there friends and support.

Here is what’s in there for you :

LiveYourLegend has been founded a few years ago by Scott Dinsmore, who is someone who deeply believe we shouldn’t stay in a job we do not like, and that we must live our life to the most, and that what we call work should also be our passion.

He created a course called “Live Off Your Passion“, from which I’ll talk in another post soon, and in 2012, he created that course “How to Connect With Anyone” which is a magical place for me. I talk about it today as the new wave of registrations is open only for a few days, next time next year.

The main goal of this course is, for example for introverts, to learn how to go to others, be it in private or business. I never had any issue to connect to people, but I enroleed in ordre to make new friends from all over the world. And I got much more than expected.

One of Scott’s partners, Liz Seda, get to know each new member via their introduction post, and match people together to create Mastermind groups. Those groups are made to support each others. She looks at each person’s desires, and try to create groups with people with the same interests or being in the same timezone…

Those are accountability groups, and if people talk regularly together, about their projects and steps to achieve them, the others in the group can then hold him or her accountable at the next online meeting, and thus fight procrastination (procrastination = fact to constantly put things to do to a later time and then accomplish nothing).

Scott and Liz published a post about Mastermind groups, you can read it there and download a pdf guide to know how to take the most out of Mastermind groups.

Tapping Brilliance: The Ultimate Mastermind Workbook is Live! (Download your totally free 56-pg guide)

There are a few examples of Mastermind groups in that course which were so successful they deserve to be mentioned :

– Leah, Melanie and Nazrin,  from Australia, they directly felt connected and even decided to start a site in January 2013 (The Pursuit of Purpose) even though they had not all met in real all together. They also decided about a travel to the USA to go to the World Domination Summit. This is the power of Mastermind groups.

– The group I belong to, with Toi, Morgan and Sharon, is a group of 4 women having the same issues, and we understand each others : we all have young kids and the same way to manage our time for our web projects. We nevertheless manage to Google+ hangout (video chat) and support each others.

– A group of 4 women who became friends and also support each others : Iris, Kate, Polina and Joanna

If you do not want to immediately belong to a mastermind group, you can tell so to Liz and benefit the courses module anyway. Each of the modules is very well done, with expert interviews, discussions, case studies.

A side note for people for whom English is not the first language… of course you need to understand English to fully benefit the course modules, and obviously if you read this here, you understand English. It’s all OK if you are not that fluent, I see that myself, I improved my English a lot, with all the great discussions and videos. We can overcome one’s shyness and dare (and what a great feeling when we do something out of our comfort zone!)

You can even ask Liz to be in a group with other people for whom English is also not the first language if that helps you.

(I will soon also write a post about how to learn a language following the Benny Lewis way).

I met a lot of people from How to Connect With Anyone during the  World Domination Summit (post about WDS over the next few days), as the common theme which is dear to our hearts is to believe in ourselves, in our possibilities, in what we can create… I also met there Scott and his wife, and to meet all these people for real gives a new dimension to that project. I thus decided to help Scott share his LiveYourLegend message, like a lot of people in the world do.

I will talk about Live Off Your Passion course in another post, it has just been update with new modules and videos like How to Connect With Anyone.

If you decide to enroll in one of these 2 paid courses, you can do that with those links How to Connect With Anyone or  Live Off Your Passion.

If you click on those links, I’m an affiliate and I’ll get a commission, but beyond that, I’ll know who clicked via my links and will be able to offer you my bonuses :

– if you speak French, I opened a subgroup for support in French inside the course forum. Obviously if you read this post here you do not speak French, but still, thus you know 🙂

– lifetime access to VIP groups in the next site I’ll open : BlogInteraction

– 50% on courses or products I’ll offer on BlogInteraction or via Udemy, or on the 1st year of WordPress hosting I will soon offer on my other site Virtuaza

– 1 hour private help via Google+ Hangout for your blog if you have one or want one, (i.e. Studiopress theme via Genesis framework, installation of translation plugin if you blog in another language, etc)

in short, all what I want to share online

(note : I can change the above list)

If you do not want to join a paying course, or not for now, you can still benefit from all what Scott created for free :

– opt-in Scott newsletter on his main LiveYourLegend site, and thus access to his online resources  (Free tools) among which pdf exercises, check-list on product launches, resource list, etc.

– Join us on his facebook group :

– Watch his TEDx talk “How To Find And Do Work You Love

– Attend a meetup in your region
or in my region

or if you do not find any, open a meetup group in your region once you’ll get LiveYourLegend principles.

You can still join Live Off Your Passion at any moment, and How to Connect With Anyone during the next registration wave, but to get my bonuses, you must come back to this site to click on my links.

I look forward to see you in one of these online worlds.

And finally, see below a picture of Scott (1) and his wife Chelsea (6) as well as as the 3 Australian mentioned in this post Nazrin (3), Leah (4), Melanie (5) from ThePursuitofPurpose and me (2), when we broke a world record with more than 600 other people in Portland in July 2013.

L to R : Scott, Patricia, Nazrin, Leah, Melanie, Chelsea at the "World Float" world record, July 5th 2013, Portland OR, USA
L to R : Scott, Patricia, Nazrin, Leah, Melanie, Chelsea at the “World Float” world record, July 5th 2013, Portland OR, USA

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2 thoughts on “Live Your Legend’s How to Connect With Anyone”

  1. Hey Patricia,

    So exciting to read this post. I am smiling from ear to ear knowing how far everyone has come as a result of connecting together.

    It was such a pleasure to meet you in Portland. Memories I will never forget.

    🙂 Naz

    1. Hi Nazrin,

      Same for me, I will never forget

      I’m writing a post (more a photo gallery actually) about the WDS, I should post it today or tomorrow…


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