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Soft-launch of Interaction.Site


It’s been a long time, too long, since I first had the idea.

That’s one of the things I’ll do better and which I’ll always say to others: get started quickly. It’s a lesson for me.

Of course, there may be situations in life that prevent you from putting enough time to a project, but constantly saying that you still have something to add, something to make better, will get you nowhere. It’s an excuse and only few will even notice if your logo is not perfect, if your site is still not translated, if your site performances are not the best for now. You can do that after! And if people notice it and aren’t happy with it, it’s better that they’re not part of your audience anyway!

Done is better than perfect! 1

Sheryl Sandberg: “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”

And it will never be perfect!

Opening early will also help you build something with and for your audience, because you’ll be shaping your offer based on their feedback.

That’s why today 26 December 2023 at 23:49, I’m happy to introduce Interaction.Site, a community based site where you’ll find support for your online presence, see the offer here!

I want it to be affordable to help as much people as possible. So the price will be of €29 per month, or €290 per year. This may increase in the future based on costs (depending on the needs to hire a team or not).

For the Founding Members (limited seats and just for a few weeks), those of you who will help shaping the community, the price is half that at €145 per year. Furthermore, all those who join in the next few days benefit from an additional reduction at €115 per year. Whatever price you pay, it will be renewed at the same price for as long as you remain a member!

Every person who showed up at previous ISLE events or helped make it possible will receive tomorrow 27 December 2023 a 100% discount to join Interaction.Site free of charge.

Have you ever paid a certain price for a product, only to see other people get it at a lower price later? It has happened to me: I once bought a WordPress theme (I bought it to support the brand because I’d befriended the team, and didn’t even used it once I saw how it was built), and a few weeks later there was a 50% “sale”. I wasn’t delighted about that. That’s why no one will ever get a better price than you in the future. No “special holiday prices”, no “Black Friday”. The price you see will always be the best price and the renewals will stay at the price you first paid, to thank you for being an early supporter.

You’ll also be rewarded for the work you put in. Additional months of membership (renewal date extended) will be given if you host in-person ISLE events in your region, propose a translation, a piece of content, if you are a guest on live calls to share your knowledge or every time someone joins based on your referral (you both get one additional month). More information soon!

A friend recently told me this:

Personally, I feel “bringing people together” is your superpower, and that you should really explore it in the personal and business side of things. Not many people have that skill, you most definitely do!

Hari Shanker R.

I’m happy to be a connector and will help every single member of Interaction.Site to thrive with their online presence around their business, passion, hobby or impactful message! See you there!

  1. PS: I would prefer you not to adhere to “Done is better than perfect” if you are an aircraft pilot or a surgeon 😉 ↩︎

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