When I refer to a Friend…

Short one today, but important!

When I say “my friend ” on internet, it’s either because I met the person in the flesh, or had at least multiple video chats with AND that I appreciate the person very much.

If not, I don’t say “my friend”. When I like a product but don’t really know the person, I will say “created by [name]” and not “created by my friend [name]”.

And despite being a loyal friend (or maybe precisely because l am), I do not promote a product that I do not like even if it’s created by a friend. This would not help them, me or the ones who will read the reviews / promotion.

So you can be sure it comes from the bottom of my heart, and I believe the product might serve you, if you read “created by my friend Rob Cubbon”, or “by my friend Navid Moazzez” or “by my friends Leah Hynes et Nazrin Murphie”.

Thanks to internet, I was lucky to meet inspiring people. I will open a special category here to mention them in dedicated posts.


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