WDS2013 Post 1, It’s All About the People

September 25, 2013

… And Everything Else Was Going to be Bonus…

Note : if you are mentioned in this post, but I got the wrong (or no) link, please contact me and I’ll correct that, same if we met and I forgot to mention you. Also, if you are on one of the pictures, you can ask me the original full resolution one.

First of all, I would like to have written this post earlier, in July, but as I was late, I thought the best would be to wait and post it the day of WDS2014 ticket sales!

Yes, if you consider going to the World Domination Summit in 2014, you can buy your ticket TODAY Sept 25th, at 9am PST = 6pm in Europe. Today sale is 1000 tickets, and this might go very fast! Go here http://wds2014.eventbrite.com/
(Update Oct 11, sold-out, next and last sale wave in January)


So… here is it, my first post about the World Domination Summit. In that post, I don’t talk about the activities, I might in next posts..  the World Float -hey-we-broke-a-world-record-!! the side-meetups, the conference talks, among which Jia Jiang’s Rejection Therapy (more about that in a future post as what I did when I was a teenager was quite similar), but this post is all about the people… It was a dream to go there, and I couldn’t afford that dream, so when I got a WDS ticket as a present from Cat A, I couldn’t believe that. She doesn’t know how valuable her present was. I can’t even thank her enough for what she did!

Let’s begin with the beginning

For those who do not know what the WDS is, here are some of the answers I got when I asked how to describe it in the attendees unofficial FB private group:

Mercedes Calcaño:
A meeting for people looking for a way to serve the world better and do a great job in creating a fulfilling and meaning life. Is an international convention for professionals looking to expand their business and lives in a creative and personal way.


Robert Domingo:
WDS is a conference for people passionate about entrepreneurship, creativity and the arts, travel, and innovative solutions to the world’s problems (i.e., charity:water).


Jason Snider:
WDS is a gathering of people that believe they can create the life of their dreams by helping others.


Sameer Bhangar:
It was about getting permission from 3000 other people to just be yourself and go chase your dreams.

Now my own description would be: A crowd of people you basically know in advance that they will not reject your ideas, and diminish your dreams, even though we don’t necessarily end up talking about ideas and dreams but mostly about human relationships.

The conference is all about Chris Guillebeau concept to live a remarkable life in a conventional world, see his book “The Art of Non-Conformity” and the original 2008 blog-post “http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/a-brief-guide-to-world-domination/” (or http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/files/2008/06/worlddomination.pdf download the pdf linked in the article) that started it and origin of the summit. So yes many people in the group talk about being unconventional.

And what is remarkable? what is unconventional?

To be honest, l didn’t see that many unconventional people. Maybe in the USA, the concept of living life off the “university/student-loan/good-corporate-job/buy-a-house à la Wisteria Lane” path is rather unconventional, but in my eyes, there were many people like those I’m used to seeing/meeting. Maybe I have a lot of unconventional relationships? or maybe we are used in my area to see a lot of people not going the “studies-good job” path? and mostly, I’m used to my unconventional music friends, well, living on the road, sleeping in nightliners (in US-English: entertainer coach), to play gigs for tiny audiences in small venues is rather “unconventional” imo.

Also as I traveled for some years in the nineties, I saw lot of said-unconventional people as backpackers… so nothing new to me, that’s just great life with every body being different, with his/her own dreams, unconventional yes, but like everyone if you go deeper than the society-coat-image people often wear at first contact. I have got the feeling that every one has that special spark just that sometimes we don’t see. At the WDS, true, there was no such coat, and we could therefore directly go to deeper connections. And there is the addition of the community and service state of mind. This is precious!

The main reason I wanted to attend the WDS was to meet my online friends from 2-3 communities. Among them mostly Leah, Melanie and Nazrin I met in Scott Dinsmore’s “How to Connect with Anyone“. This is a course, but also, and for me mostly, a forum. Scott’s community is where I found my new friends since last Autumn (2012), that’s where I learned about supporting each other online, people to G+ hangout with, masterminding with…. Liz Seda  is working on Scott’s community to bring people together and try to find the best match to create mastermind groups. She created the fantastic group with Leah, Melanie and Nazrin, and their connection was so strong they started a business together: The Pursuit of Purpose. Isn’t that amazing? When I learned in January that the 3 would be at the WDS, I badly wanted to attend, we could feel the magic reading them in Scott’s forum.

Liz also matched me with Toi, Morgan and Sharon in a mastermind group. We do good job together, and we became online friends. In April, after I got the ticket from Cat, Toi decided to join as well…. that was going to be fantastic days, even if I had only met Leah, Melanie, Nazrin, Toi, Liz, Scott and his wife Chelsea, the WDS was worth to go to.

… and everything else was going to be bonus…

And I got the wonderful bonus, met amazing people, among others from Scott’s community, like Mercedes , Harry, Lik, Senga, Ben, Melanie H , Melanie F and Lou,  Leolani, Susi, Zivana. Liz shared a room with me and a whole other team from CWA, Iris, Kate, Polina and Joanna. That was so friendly (thanks Iris for clarification 😉 it was great to talk with you)

I’m in another course with a forum, Fizzle, so it was great to get to meet 2 of the 3 founders, Corbett and Caleb, and some of the fellow members such as Nick, John, Dee, Barrett, etc (unfortunately I missed Darlene and Brett) and even if I’m a bit less active there I also belong to a mastermind group with Dave, Stephanie, and Zander. Zander was at the WDS and I was delighted to meet him for real after all those mastermind sessions online. He’s a very smart man and is building something great more info soon. Now I have read his post about an experience at the WDS I now wish I had been to…. read his wonderful post “Everyone’s Eyes Are Different” here.

The  “worst” thing at the World Domination Summit is that everything is so interesting, and a lot is happening at the same time. Difficult to choose…. this might rise some FOMO (fear of missing out) 🙂

About other people I met, I want to mention the great Emilie, Joel and Janet from Puttytribe, and many more, like, Rob met at London airport as we were in the same flights, Luna who generously offered to pick me up at PDX airport, Louis who serendipitously sat next to me during a talk after I had spotted him on a picture with a tiger 😉 + Jason, Aaron, Pete, Pat and Manuil thanks guys for the end of the closing party together it was the icing on the WDS cake. Chris, Meron and Julie I had met in May in London at Chris business day. Srini who is as extrovert as I am :). Mike the Ambassador. The so joyful Tania. Benny the Irish polyglot I crossed path many times with in 3 days. Marge, Mark, Ashok, Alana met at Scott’s speed meetings. The people who came to my “French stroll”: Senga, J Michael, Anthony, Claudia, Dena. People met at Natalie book event, like Dave, Benny H, Lorena, Ryan. And of course the other famous people such as LeoFarnoosh, Michelle, Jessica, Danny, Tyler, Chris B, Tom, Greg, Darren and so many more people, see the pictures…

I loved to meet new people (new = those I didn’t have connection with before on an online community) and even when the connection lasted only 5 minutes, it was great because almost always meaningful and deep! I’m a kind of extrovert and I like to talk so this is very enjoyable for me to make friends and meet people. I love that, I love to listen the stories and discover what people’s passions and dreams are… and hope that all connections are going to become lasting friendships… if you guys need anything I could do for you, please ask… and to others reading here, please take some time to visit what all these people do, very worth the time!

So in this post, I wanted to emphasize the human relationships and how that side is powerful and will be for you if you consider joining in 2014: if you go to the WDS, you WILL meet AMAZING people. Period!

So even if you don’t know anyone beforehand, it’s easy to meet new connections and find like-minded people to share your ideas, passions, dreams, projects, and sometimes find the support. And after the WDS, everything seems possible, more easily reachable, and you get that feeling that for each step, someone is just here on your side encouraging you with an energetic “YESSSS, you can do it, and you did it, congratulations and let’s do the next step”!! You’ll never walk alone anymore.

That is powerful, and you might want to join in 2014 : Today Sept 25th 2013 you can buy the ticket for the WDS 2014 http://wds2014.eventbrite.com/

My deepest feelings are for the people I got to know from Scott’s community… I hope I can call them “My” people (ok Scott, they are “your” people 🙂 ), you are in my heart guys!!!

If you want more information and additional insight about the WDS, there is a rather complete list on acongruentlife with links to WDS-related posts by attendees. And among them the posts written by people mentioned in this post

So … more links 🙂
Official Chris Guillebeau photostream, by Armosa Studio http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisguillebeau/
Videos of the talks (I might write another post) : http://vimeo.com/aonc


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4 thoughts on “WDS2013 Post 1, It’s All About the People”

  1. Patricia, this is an amazing recount of WDS2013. I am smiling from the inside looking at all the amazing photos and more importantly joyful moments you captured.

    I am so blessed to have you as part of my life.

    Thank you so much for sharing and I would love a copy of some of your pictures. Especially the one of my drunken partners holding 3 cocktails. 🙂

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. Thank you Nazrin,

      Yeah, it’s wonderful to have you also! Looking forward to next July 😉

      I’ll send you (+ our small group of people) some pics (and there is more than what’s there in the post)

      Hugs + High-Fives!

    1. Hi Melanie and thank you so much for your comment!!

      I agree, it was wonderful to meet you and spend some time together there!

      I like so much that picture (which I have put in the slideshow) of you and Chris Brogan!! It was great to talk a little bit with him!

      Looking forward to see you again, online or live again in Portland !!


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