Hello friends!

Last year in Porto, we had a picnic in the park near the venue and despite the rain, it was a success and we met friends from all around the world!

This year, we are doing it again! Let’s meet for a Picnic!

This event is independently organised and not related to the official WCEU organisation, but will be listed on their side-events page.

Organisers: Patricia BT and Jason Rouet

Date: Wednesday 7 June 2023

Time: From 13:00, the whole afternoon

A picnic can be only with a sandwich or fruits, or something you buy locally, no need to cook (not easy for those staying in hotels 🙂 )

Meeting place: Parko Eleftherias (the park near the Megaron, the WCEU venue). Let’s meet at the statue (of Eleftherios Venizelos) or at the top of the park (benches and shadow), precise google map pin: https://goo.gl/maps/zYwanAKeJEVTrHkW9
Or message me (WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram +41772655062) if you do not find us.

Registration: we would love to know how many people to expect and who is coming.
Please fill out the form below.
Only first name, number of people and email address are required to be filled in (but it would be great to know your full name).

Your email address, phone number and private comment will not be published, kept, or used elsewhere, and will just be used to contact you a few days before to remind you of the picnic, and in case of meeting point change or cancellation. All the collected data is only going to be used in regards to this event and will be deleted after June 7, 2023, unless specifically authorised during the picnic (names and pictures).

Cost: 0, besides bringing food to share or for yourself. It can be a simple thing you buy at the grocery store.
One of the local WCEU organisers told us that there’s a really nice big bakery with snacks and coffee and refreshments right across the street, named “Fournos Veneti”. Find it here.

If you follow a specific diet, please bring your own food. You can even come with just a drink 🙂

What to expect: Meet other WordPress international community fellows. Bring your smile and an open mind.

Introverts, families with kids, and diversity groups are welcome. Full respect is expected, in the spirit of the WordCamp’s code of conduct.


WCEU 2023 Picnic Registration Form (#4)

They are coming 🎉

NameWordPress.org usernameSocial linkNumber of peoplePublic comment
Patricia BTpatricia70https://yl.is/fb1Can't wait to see you all!
Jason Rouetjaz_onhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrouet/1
Milan Ivanoviclanche86https://lanche86.com1
Raitis Sevelisraitissevelis4
Md Shahjahantechjewelhttps://www.facebook.com/techjewel/2Would love to meet with the awesome people
Bernhard KauKau-Boyhttps://twitter.com/2ndKauBoy2
Ahmed Kabir Chaionchaion07https://www.twitter.com/chaion072Excited to experience my first WCEU and this picnic makes it more special with the opportunity to meet the people beforehand. A really nice initiative.
Fede PadillaFedepadillahttps://twitter.com/fedepadilla1
David Perezdavidperezhttps://twitter.com/davidperezmk1
Marine Evainmarineevainhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/marineevain/1I will land in Athens in the afternoon and try to join the picnic as soon as I can. So this is a "maybe" I'll be there! I am eager to meet all of you very soon anyway!
Jesús Yesaresglycymerishttps://twitter.com/jesusyesares1
Hari Shanker Rharishankerhttps://twitter.com/harishanker1Excited about joining!
Birgit Olzemcoachbirgithttps://twitter.com/coachbirgit2
Thomas Bruehl00Sleepy1
Bernhard KauKau-Boyhttps://twitter.com/2ndKauBoy2
Muhammad Zubairxubianthttps://twitter.com/xubiant2
Silvio Endruhn1
Vagelis Papaioannoueboxnethttps://twitter.com/vagpapdev2
Art Ramadaniartramadanihttps://twitter.com/thelaborator3Happy to be there 🙂
Ylli Pyllayllipyllahttps://twitter.com/yllipylla3
Anastasiya Kolomoytsevanastaiahttps://twitter.com/nastaia1
Juan Valentín1
Nathan Wrigleynjwrigleyhttps://twitter.com/wpbuilds1I have added my name to the list, but it might be that travel means that I simply don't make it, but I would like to be there if I possibly can.
Akshat Choudhary3