The Ladybug and the Dolphin

Zoe Ladybug

Update October 26 : Zoé passed away in her mother’s arms yesterday, 2 days before her 5th birthday. She has been able to see Winter the Dolphin on Wednesday. Her mom’s message here.

October 16, 2013

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this post today. We know since last week that Zoé, a nice 5 years old girl, is going to loose her fight against cancer.

The association Zoe4life which is collecting funds announced it on their site and facebook page.

then Zoé’s mom wrote a post on her blog

The last chance treatment didn’t work. And everyone who followed Zoé’s story is deeply affected.

The association’s aim was to find funding in case Zoé could go to Germany for a treatment which would have followed the last one if that one had been successful. Unfortunately no… this didn’t get the hoped results and now the cancer cells a in the marrow.

So the collected funds (there and to come) will be used to accomplish Zoé’s dream, to go see Winter the Dolphin in Florida at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. So you can donate if you want to take part in Zoé’s dream, either via bank transfer or via Paypal, all info on the donate page.  Update Oct 18th, the family leaves today for Florida, but of course funds are always necessary, there are uncovered expenses.

Natalie (Zoé’s mom), and I met virtually in 2007 on a local motherhood forum, called I read there some other so sad stories, a 5 years old died of brain cancer, a twin died of sudden infant death syndrome at 6 months old, some still-birth, late miscarriages… and all those courageous mothers… well “courage” is not an appropriate word as it generally shows a choice. My 3 early miscarriages (among which 1 was my daughter’s twin) are so frequent and common it’s “almost nothing” compared.

Autumn 2008, Natalie was pregnant on her 2nd daughter, and I was pregnant on my 2nd boy (born April 2009) and then, we can read that Zoé is born but has neuroblastoma, that cold word which gives bad shivers, her first chemotherapy at 24 hours of age, we have to say “courage” instead of or along with “congratulations”. This is unfair.

What a battle, that little courageous girl… all those years of treatments, sometimes very heavy, and Zoé is nonetheless a very joyful girl. I saw her once only but I know she is, through her mom’s texts and mutual friends.

I met Zoé, and her mother and sister, only once. I had stumbled upon bath towers with ladybugs and as the ladybug is the symbol of Zoé’s fight since the beginning, I thought it would be great for her to have it. Her sister got the one with the bees, and my own children have the same towels, a kind of link between them, even if they never met.

I would so badly have liked to associate the ladybug to the word “remission”… So unfair to have believed for 2 whole years to a remission (from her 1 to 3 years old) until the relapse.

So unfair for Zoé herself, but also for a mother, a father a big sister and all the kin. Child cancer is so unfair. Cancer is so unfair. So sad that medicine can’t do anything, and despite the modern medical breakthroughs, Zoé is going to loose her battle, she fought with so much bravery, who said to her mom she didn’t want the cancer send her to away, she wanted to become a lady in order to have high heels and become a nurse, she always kept smiling, even though her little body had suffered so much.

I have 3 kids, and I know it’s a chance their health is good, but we never know what is the future made from, and that awful disease might well be hiding in the dark, very close… The illness my husband suffers from since 1,5 years is tough, but I know we are lucky that it’s not lethal, if only we could share a bit of our chance…

Zoé’s parents and sister are now going to make the most of her, and take hugs, love, tenderness, joy, memories, and certainly photos and films. Zoé did her part, and brought joy and love in the heart of her family members. And those memories are there for ever.

It’s very nice that her dream to see Winter the Dolphin is going to come true (let’s hope they can make the marine center to open).. Winter was found on a beach, with his tail injured and live now with a prosthetic tail, Zoé saw him in a documentary and want to see him. This dream come true for Zoé, and this thanks to donations, thanks to her godfather, godmother, family’s friends, medical workers and Make A Wish charity. As well as some of you.

To Natalie : I won’t pretend I can understand, because I will never be able to feel in your shoes, and I know that when we met, you had all the worries of the moment… but I wanted to tell you how much you and your family are in my heart, since October 2008

Zoé ♥ forever…

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2 thoughts on “The Ladybug and the Dolphin”

  1. Thank you Patricia. I am so glad I read this post. I started with Stream 2013 and was going to comment on how busy you were! And then I decided to read this post to comment on instead. It is amazing how our awareness expands and our hearts open when things are challenging. My wish is that we can continue to keep them open — as a little reminder of what it’s like to live like that regardless of the circumstances. I think that’s why people who have near death experiences finally see that they are not here on this earth forever and make the radical choice to live a meaningful life while still alive. Thank you for this reminder!

    1. Hi Alex! I found your old comment in the spam list, I’m so sorry I didn’t see/approve earlier.

      I thank you very much for your comment, and yes we must enjoy every moment of life and keep our hearts open, you are right. I recently met Zoé’s mom and she keeps her heart open and acts as her daughter would have like to see…

      I wish you all the best!

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