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May 11, 2014

Hi all,

It has been a long time and I missed you! Of course in the meantime, I did a lot on my business and community projects, as work “in the background”. However I would like to keep this personal blog a bit more updated. It would be nice it becomes a kind of journal of what happened .. and even a task list and public accountability tool 🙂


what happened? 🙂

Online Communities

First thing I unfortunately had to reduce where on the net I participate. I know I often dive enthusiastically in a community, on a forum, a group of people, and my BlogInteraction project will just be the perfect solution, building a community for the people I like and I want to serve with top quality content and help, but not losing myself scattered around the web.

Private Life

Secondly, my private life makes it a bit difficult to spend a lot of hours working. Of course I don’t complain because I have a great family, we live in a easy-to-live country, but we struggle with health, time and money issue and sometimes I wonder how much this “slows” the things. I guess this only is worth a whole post. Basically, I spend all my time with activities with my kids, and when they sleep in the evening I am sometimes very tired and just want to rest and not work. However I’m very motivated and sometimes very frustrated with time constraints which lead to lack of sleep. One solution would be to pay someone to work on some of my projects tasks, but first I must pay all the overdue invoices.

If to follow my story about those struggles, and their solutions, can be of help to even only 1 person, I will feel it was worth to have shared, even if I, or my husband, would prefer to keep some issues private…

Some more news about my private life, my husband health has not really improved, even after he had his thyroid removed in March. This also is worth a full post, also maybe in order to help people with similar symptoms and whose Doctors also struggle since 2 years to find what could be!

My kids are growing, they are now almost 7 / 5 / 3.5 years old and some of their stories could make their way to this blog as well. Especially of course what could be interesting to my readers, like the music-for-kids-workshops we go to, or how they sometimes express their art, draws, sport, as well as parenthood every day challenges.

Produce, Work, Write …

I saw several “writing challenges” over the past months on different sites or groups I follow, and while I sometimes registered to those contests, I then realised that I do not participate. It must be something related to procrastination I guess 🙂

However, without any other people challenging me and competitors, I feel much more motivated to “produce every day” something, either content (written, video or audio), or working for one my sites, customers, products or future products, and I can report here in my Stream post.

I have several different topics which are my ever-favorites, so my sites projects haven’t changed:

  • Communities : hyperlocal (1290Versoix part of Suissesromands) to global (BlogInteraction), this is my goal, to make people communicate. Those are almost ready to launch.
  • Help people to get online, with my easy to start sites at Virtuaza, and some side-products WordPress related.



Since last autumn, I went to 3 WordCamps (WordPress conferences). I attended WordCamp Europe in Leiden (The Netherlands) in October 2013, WordCamp Paris in January 2014 and WordCamp Switzerland in Zurich on May 3. I even spoke there, and speaking in front of such audience is something worth a post as well, about decision, preparation, and what I learned by doing so. I can already tell you I was not happy how I spoke, haha.

I also attend, co-organise (and sometimes speak) our local WordPress Geneva monthly meetups.

I learned a lot since 1 year, and made lot of friends in the WordPress community! I’m glad to be able to provide my Virtuaza products to a few people (who test, give feedback and report) before a full launch. And I’m happy to work with some very interesting tools, plugins, and premium themes of quality. I also want to give back to the WP community. WordPress is now a very powerful CMS, and this is thanks to numerous people contributing to its open source code, documentation, translations, in order for a maximum of users in the world to get a trustful tool.

I still follow them

I also still follow my favorite and/or fellow bloggers, people I met either virtually only in some communities, or in real at an event.  Some are unfortunately disappearing from the online exposure (like me here btw on the last months), and some are thriving and getting a lot of success! I’m very happy for them.

We sometimes hear the “spend less time online” advice, but as important it is to go meet people in flesh in the neighbourhood, it’s also so wonderful to meet like-minded people from the whole world, first online and then in the flesh and bones too, sharing hugs and high-fives, and see so much interaction around a changing world, and meet people who can make a difference, internet being the tool.

I’m very excited to share more with you soon.

Take care

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