Core Values and Beliefs

Why this post?

This post is important in my introduction, and a lot of what is written below is part of who I am.

And for some people, especially people who do not know me in person, if they are ultra-religious for example, and start connect with me, professionally or personally, and suddenly “discover” where I stand, the fact could disturb, so I prefer to be clear from the beginning. If you connect with me, it’s for me and the values I virtue, not for religion. We can all work and befriend together in the condition you don’t try to convince me. I do not want proselytism. For other of my ethics, I do not want to connect to racists, closed-minded persons, read below, thanks.


respect, with respect to others, we do not do all the things we wouldnt want other do to us. (kill/attack, harrass, steal, rob, rape, look down at, despise, try to force on an idea, etc), and on the opposite we do to others what we would like other do to us (care, listening, share, teach, show how, guide, help, give)

learn from others : I love to learn every day a new fact, I love that people knowing something I don’t know tell me

share : especially knowledge, science facts, discoveries, languages, food, travels, I love to share an information and knowledge with people who don’t know, I feel it’s like giving a present.

Sharing knowledge it’s a kind of elevation for me, a bit like the universal knowledge people aimed at in the Renaissance time.


I must admit I’m very ignorant of the international politics, how things go, who’s who etc…
however here are my positions :

– Social, now we must note the large scale of meaning of that this word. For example the word socialist is extreme left in USA, and almost considered centre now in France for example
And for me, when I say social it’s not in a sense like in left-dictatorship example we have of course,  it’s in a global sense = social .. a state should sustain its citizens to provide education, health and try to keep the state healthy financially. Of course it sounds a bit cliché and utopist said like that but you do see what I mean, do you?

– GLBT rights. Well, simply because who we love should not interfere with fundamental rights and to be treated like anyone else. You do not judge someone because he likes to eat wheat and you prefer rice, right? so you shouldn’t judge someone who prefer someone of a certain sex over the other.

– Minorities rights/anti-racism. A lot of people are unfortunately forced to migrate, it’s not just for the fun to say “well yeah let’s go there and make money”, often it’s because their family starve, because there is hope for decent life, or even it has been decades ago their ancestors moved in. Often though they are not welcome enough, too often they are victim of racism. I’m talking here about what I see here in Europe with migrant, especially with people from Africa, this is what I see the most.

We do not judge someone who has green eyes while we have blue, right? so if it’s simple with eye color, so should it be with skin color. <- Click to tweet it

I can understand there can be some cultural clash, but then it’s not racism, it’s a problem of understanding each others.
Worse form of racism imo is where white people are not the original inhabitant but migrated en masse they are the majority now (like on America and Oceania continents for example) and dare to be racist to others? This is really something I can’t understand. And anyway, we all come out if migration in a more or less distant past…

– we are all brothers and sisters… peace please
one of my project site is mostly about make a better world, work in direction of peace etc.
and peace means to respect others, and respect others means not to try to convince they are wrong in their beliefs, but rather learn from others.

– food, environment,
this is worth dedicated posts about these : I still eat meat, because I unfortunately like the taste, but knowing how animals are treated, and how this affect our environment, + large scale food industry, including GMO etc… I might become vegetarian in some time… the idea is growing in me!
I will update with links when written on the subject.


I’m a “peace & love atheist”, it’s defined as :

– atheist [wiktionary : “from Ancient Greek ἄθεος (atheos, “godless, without god”), from ἀ- (a-, “without”) + θεός (theos, “god”)..]
I do NOT believe in a supreme deity (god) who could see us, judge us, and listen our prayers. I do NOT worship any deity, so I do not think there is a god and a devil, do not believe in heaven and hell concepts, neither in a judgment, so when I do a so-called good action, it’s really what I mean, and not just to deserve a place in my eventual afterlife. I consider myself free, religion-free, dogma-free,  and I do choose which ethic rules I follow, and not ones gathered in the name of a religion.

– however I do think there MIGHT (= possible but not sure for me) be a kind of life after death, it’s possible that the soul doesn’t die with the corpse. I had close people experimenting out of body soul journey through meditation and yoga, and I think the people experimenting a near death experience (NDE) are really seeing something with lights and tunnel, and my mom got message from her deceased father the day he passed away, etc.
I do not know if we go anywhere neither where do we go (as I do not believe in heaven and hell, judgment, karma, god, etc)

So the 2 above statements might be contradictory, but it’s how I feel. Also I know the human mind is very easily tricked into that kind of beliefs, so maybe the NDE  a chemical-induced hallucination to people in coma, and message from deceased grand-father to my mother might be due to the simple desire to believe that. How the human brain functions is highly interesting to study. So I don’t know if the soul survives, and it’s not that important to me to know it now.

See, I’m an atheist, but I’m very much “peace & love” so I won’t judge people who think differently, I have friends who are christian believers, of all kind of sub-movements, and especially among friends from the USA (amazing how much I stumble upon the words “Christ Follower” when I search for marketing, writing, self-development sites and can clearly see a difference between USA and Europe over this)

I have friends who are following religions Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism (family of my ex, lot to learn from hinduism), some Buddhism, some Paganism, and a LOT of Atheists and among the greatest guys I know, etc… and some talking/painting about hell stuff, mostly in an artistic/provocative way like often in my favorite music, but I do not believe there is any devil as well 😉  m/

And usually we do not talk about religion with friends, unless it’s to learn about the history of religions, how it evolved and mixed through centuries. I also think even though religions *usually* teach to be tolerant and love each others, it brought a lot of war, submission and domination in the history, too bad. I also really dislike the “I’m right you are wrong” state of mind. Also on personal level, how many people just feel guilty for natural things just because their religion teach that, I feel sorry for them. However, I reckon some beliefs can be a relief for some people, if they need as a guide, I do not belong to that group of people, but I can understand that, if it’s good to them, so be it. But all education should be secular even if people live their religion. My point of view.

Also, I must tell you I’m especially amazed that people can still think the world is only a few thousands years old, I’m very much into science and evolution is so obvious to me. While I try to respect everyone’s belief, I try to keep away from extreme stuff and obscurantism.

I strongly believe in the evolution of species, we are in the same family (primates) than apes, and there has been other forms of humans now extincts. I will post about it more and add links here too. I add a full Science category to this blog.

Well, that’s all for now, this post has been written winter-spring 2013,  I’ll add notes if I update.

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