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Crypto and NFTs


Updated on 3 May 2024, originally written on 3 April 2023

This page is about crypto currencies and NFTs

I have a lot to learn, and want to share here what I like about it. Basically, cryptocurrencies remove the middleman, anyone can send to anyone without the need of the banking system.

I have been interested in crypto for some years, but only casually, I remember I was looking at buying bitcoins around 2018, and had no money to invest. It was at around CHF 15’000 at that time. Then it went up to CHF 60’000, fell back in 2022 and is up again to around CHF 55’000 (at the time of edit, May 2024).

I also bought some other cryptocurrencies to test, investing 25.- here and there. For example when there was new tokens. They almost all went to 0 value, except for the Swissborg (CHSB), my 25.- transformed to above 3000.- before to go back to around 400.- it’s a very interesting Swiss project.

I plan to allow members of Interaction.Site to pay with Ethereum or Bitcoin, let’s see how this new world unfolds.

I was also curious on token as a mean of reward to new social networks, and I am on uHive and Punch for that. At least the content creators would get assets or paid for their content instead of it going to a big corporate in other social networks.

About NFTs, I got interested as part of my projects to help artists (more info to come soon), so I tried to learn a bit about it. I opened accounts, tried some stuff and followed people involved in those topics, such as the NFTs video series from the Geneva’s Bureau Culturel, or my friend Nick Weisser from Openstream, who created Wapuu* NFTs for WordCamp Switzerland 2023 (here is Nick’s talk about it), or Wapuus* by Web3WP. And of course GaryVee with Veefriends.

I have wallets at Metamask Polygon in several currencies, some “unstoppable domains”, a Wapuu NFT bought from Nick’s collection (named Geneva Wapuu WordCamp Switzerland 2023), some land assets on uHive, etc…

"Geneva Wapuu WordCamp Switzerland 2023" Wapuu NFT by Nick Weisser
“Geneva Wapuu WordCamp Switzerland 2023” Wapuu NFT by Nick Weisser

It’s a new world, and it’s not that easy, I don’t understand everything 🙂
I must admit that it’s why I find it interesting 🙂

* Wapuus are the WordPress events’ mascot initially created by Kazuko Kaneuchi in Japan