Vittana micro loan for education

This is of high importance to me

The internet allows us to be part of something bigger, we can now all bring a small brick to the whole and build an awesome edifice all together

This post is about microloan. It’s my pride to help people to be able to improve their life.

Vittana’s own description is

Lend today and give a student in the developing world the education they need to graduate beyond poverty.

I know it can sound strange when we know my own money issue (this will be part of another category), but then what are 20 dollars to me, especially when we know the students repay, and you can reinvest the 20 $ for another student.

I was introduced to the birthday format by Tim Ferriss, who did a great challenge last year with his 35th birthday and asked anyone who wished to help to loan 35$ (or any amount) to a student via Vittana. Read the full post from Tim Ferriss on his blog and see his team on Vittana’s website

On my 43rd birthday (Feb 1s, 2013) I opened my own team on Vittana’s website and decided to give me 1 year to find as many person as possible to fill my team until my 44th birthday next year (Feb 1st, 2014). Now that my blog opens, I’m going to promote that.

Here is my personal public profile on Vittana, and here is my team , this last link, or the badge on the sidebar, is the link you should follow if you wish to participate in this challenge, and give a student a hand, which is like a birthday present to me.

Furthermore, during 5 weeks in February-March 2013, I have been part of Firepole Marketing Scavenger Hunt, and got a special prize of 100$. I told the team the 100$ are going to go to Vittana’s students! I update this post once done.

This is the current situation, needless to say I’m glad there are still some months to go 🙂

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