To All the Children Who Lost a Parent

I got the news in my WordPress dashboard, news from WPTavern : Alex King, Founder of Crowd Favorite, passes away.

While I only knew his name as I’m working with WordPress, I feel for everyone dying, every story I come across, that’s how I am…

And in taht news post, I saw a heartbreaking picture…

Alex King with his daughter! And being a parent, I cried!

His daughter is 6 years old, just as my 2nd child. And the article asks the readers to submit memories from him, for her.

If I or my husband were dying today, would our kids remember us?

I must admit I barely remember what happened to me before 6. Ok we moved from another house, OK, I have 1-2 vague images of the old school, some holidays, but that’s all.

If I had lost a parent at 6, what would I remember him or her?

We give love and care every day to our kids, but what will really stay? of course it makes them feel emotionally secure and make them grow, but wouldn’t the real memory fade after years.

Even though I didn’t really know Alex King, I cried on that picture. That child has NO MORE FATHER…

And my mind goes to

  • All the kids who lost a parent, (died or gone, separated in bad terms with the other parent!)
  • To all the kids who didn’t even met their father (as my grand-dad, another post on that soon)
  • To all the kids in war who lost a parent under the bombs or in fights
  • To all the kids who had to flee a country and might stay with only 1 of their parents and missing the other one
  • To all the kids who saw their dad leave to another country for them to be able to eat
  • To all the kids who lost a brother or a sister due to accident or illness

And I also cry for all parents who lost a child.

And I cry out of sadness for them, and I also cry out of joy, gratitude and a bit of guilt that I’m so lucky. I only lost my grand-parents at their grand age, I still have my parents, my brother, my husband, and my kids…. it almost went to disaster in July in our Family (another post, soon!), but I’m so lucky.

I’m so sorry for those who have not that chance. To all of you, I’m sending you all my love.
Some might think we cannot understand if we didn’t experience first hand, maybe, some might think we do not think of them. I promise you I think of you.

I think of you all, and today I think of Alex King family. RIP.

To all the kids who lost a parent, I found an interesting page on… hope it may help a bit.

PS: I do not believe in “it was his time”, and grand-scheme or religious stuff. IMO it’s bad luck, stupid wars, and diseases which kill people… really too bad!

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