Stream 2014

Here is my 2014 activity in reverse chronological order. This stream is the log of whatever I do on- or off-line either on my sites, or commenting on great posts.
(Nov 27 ohh I see there are a lot of interesting links I didn’t list, I’ll do that in the next days)

20141128 Published Black Friday 2014 Deals on mentioning all the good deals I came accross, from which I know and recommend the product.

20141127 Joined The Branding Summit by Navid Moazzez¤, wowwww I have the feeling I will learn a lot!

20141127 Published When I refer to a Friend…

20141105 Published What is Live Your Legend?

20141103 Published Live Your Legend Local, Geneva, online, November 2014

201410 I joined the new platform of Live Your Legend Local and created the Group for Geneva

20140624 and 20140702 Entry WPMUDev Video testimonial and result, all info on my post on Virtuaza
WPMUDev testimonial : I just won a 1 year license

20140527 Published promotion for Dynamik Website Builder :al: and Genesis Extender :al: on my Virtuaza site, post “Dynamik Website Builder and Genesis Extender, great tools”

20140523 Wrote a comment on my friend Aga’s blog about her presentation on WPML:al: at WordCamp Slovakia, comment link

20140511 Published On being back and my Stream post
Post about what I did during the last months, and difficulties I faced.

20140502-04 I attended WordCamp Switzerland, in Zurich, where I gave a light talk

20140117-18 I attended WordCamp Paris

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