Stream 2013

Here is my 2013 activity in reverse chronological order, starting April 2013. This stream is the log of whatever I do online either on my sites, or commenting on great posts.

20131016 Published The Ladybug and the Dolphin
Post about Zoé, 5 years old girl victim of cancer

20130925 Published WDS2013 Post 1, It’s All About the People
This post is the story and my feeling about my World Domination Summit experience in July 2013.

20130904 Published Live Your Legend’s How to Connect With Anyone
Post on the private community of How to Connect With Anyone, part of Scott Dinsmore’s Live Your Legend.

20130619 Published I’m going to the World Domination Summit 2013 in Portland, USA

20130613 Commented on Benny Lewis’ Fluentin3months about Humanism

20130613 Commented on Natalie MacNeil’s SheTakesOnTheWorld about Hugging in Business

20130612 Published Core Values and Beliefs

20130601 Added signup forms on BlogInteraction

201305  During month of May, I mostly worked on a customer site and trying to make enough money to buy the flight ticket to the WDS (World Domination Summit), also a lot family paperwork

20130522 Commented on John Muldoon’s MonthlyExperiments on Be Unreasonable

20130519 Commented on Morgan Alverson’s ToBeYourself about Fear

20130516 Commented on Chris Ducker about being an entrepreneur

20130515 Commented on Natalie Sisson’s Suitcase Entrepreneur about Outsourcing and VA with Chris Ducker

20130515 Commented on Liz Seda’s A Life on Your Terms about Hate your job

20130515 Commented on Scott Dinsmore’s LiveYourLegend about LYL live events

20130513-14 Met Chris Ducker and about 15 other great persons in London for a Mastermind session, I want to wait BlogInteraction site is ready to make a post about it, in the meantime you can see my link on facebook to Bernd Geropp post

20130510 Published Quick video message, passport, Chris Ducker and WDS here

20130510 Commented on Derek Halpern’s Socialtriggers about meeting new people

20130509 Commented on Natalie Sisson’s Suitcase Entrepreneur about Jet Lag

20130427 Update my LinkedIn profile, even if I don’t think adding my old past jobs will change anything to my online presence.

20130414 Commented on The Pursuit of Purpose about Vulnerability

201304 Added the post about Vittana here

20130402 Commented on Chris Guillebeau about his journey

20130402 Commented on Copyblogger about Aurélien Amacker

20130401 Commented on Chris Ducker about April Fool

20130401 Commented on Firepole Marketing about the Scavenger Hunt

201304 Created the first structure of the site and the All-Sites page and the Know me! page

201304 Added WPML ¤ and set up translation to French

201304 Added Genesis Framework from Copyblogger’s StudioPress and Dynamik child theme


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