Scott, we will miss you a lot


Heavy heart…

Scott Dinsmore passed away in an accident at Mt Kilimandjaro, on September 12, 2015, during his world tour with his wife Chelsea.

Every death at a young age is unfair, and I’m specifically saddened by Scott passing as he was a young man full of energy and who had still a lot to give to the world.

Who was Scott?

He created an online community of like-minded people, called “Live Your Legend“, and even more incredible, the Live Your Legend Local meetups. For those who do not know, you can read my post about it here and the  local meetups on Live Your Legend site.

The community

This community of several thousands of people on the 5 continents, I often talk about it saying that I can go almost anywhere in the world and “be connected” to them. I know this legacy that Scott leaves to us won’t disappear and that we will continue to be together, and that the ripple effect will continue to spread.

I think we all loved to see Scott’s joy realizing the result of what he created. In how many videos he said that it was  “amazing”, every local meetup he visited, he was so happy it worked!

When I met Scott and the community

In 2013, I went to Portland in the USA, to the WDS and that year I went despite the fact that I couldn’t afford it, because there was Scott and his wife Chelsea, and the Live Your Legend community, at a side-event of the WDS, where I could meet all those people who had become dear to my heart without having met them before, and there would be also friends of Scott, such as Corbett, Leo (who wrote very moving posts), Benny, etc.

Personaly, I went to the WDS specifically to meet the people from “How to Connect With Anyone” (a program by Scott), who would be there. Those friends, Mercedes, Toi, Nazrin, Leah, Melanie, Lorena, Liz, Joanna, Polina, Harry, Zander, Zivana, and so many more, above 60 actually at that event, made me go. The other day, I was watching the pictures from WDS 2013, and I see Scott everywhere, who shines and gives from himself.

Those people, Scott united us, it’s Scott who created that family, it’s him who had a dream, more than a dream, a goal, to make his movement to spread, and he succeeded.

Scott says here :

“My big lifetime vision for Live Your Legend LOCAL is… To have a LYLL community within 20 miles of every city and town in the world so no matter where you are, you always have a local support group of inspiring people – in the real world – to help you find and do work that matters.”

He had still a lot to give, to us that extended family, and also in his private life.

Chelsea and Scott’s family

Chelsea, I think of you. Your love is so bright, we could feel how close you were. I’m so sorry for what happens to you, to your so nice couple. I’m not sure how many of the thousands of people words will reach you, and I don’t know if they will sooth or worsen your pain, if it’s easier or not for the family when someone dies more “anonymously”. You see it in the Live Your Legend community, there is a lot of empathy for you. The community also shows a lot of gratitude, to have had Scott who did what he did for us. I will never forget him and I’ll often think of you.

My tribute to Scott

In the “How to Connect with Anyone” program, there are a lot of videos from Scott, to see him smile and listen to his voice which we will never hear again, it brings strong emotions. Since I had followed that program in 2012, as I never knew how to begin video greetings, I got inspired by Scott and his “Hey Guys” or his joyful “Allright Guys”! I will always use that in my videos in English, as a tribute to Scott. Furthermore, on my interaction site, I think I’ll find some of the Live Your Legend people. I will do all what is possible to honour Scott, and transmit and participate to the spread of his legacy.

RIP Scott, thanks to have been there.

EDIT : here below is the tribute video part of the global tribute to Scott in this facebook group “Tribute to Scott Dinsmore, Founder of Live Your Legend

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