Does music trigger high emotions for you too?

Please comment below on the music which makes YOU feel that!

Music! it means a lot to me, with music I can reach high level of emotions. Music brought me most of my friends, I met my husband thanks to a music band named Opeth (I recognized the band on his T-shirt, and began to talk to him), music guided some of my holidays, as we aimed at festivals. We met a lot of the musicians we love! the artists we value the work. Some of the sweetest guys in the world are Norwegian metallers who like Swiss cheese fondue (you know who you are guys 😉 )

Without music, I wouldn’t be who I am the way I am <- Click to tweet it

One day, a colleague (where I was working 2002-2006) was laughing at me and told me my musical culture was zero… I was amazed because ok, I didn’t know anything on the current radio pop songs, and what they call “variété” in France, but my colleague didn’t know a lot of the roots of blues and rock (for example). And for me I value more the roots of rock, than the current summer hit. As usual, I respect everybody taste and points of view, but his comment made me think. A lot 🙂 and I feel I share with you my greatest feelings with music, and what it means to me…

I’m born in 1970, when I was about 20 years old, around 1990, I thought I was born 20 years too late, and if I was born in the 50ies, I would have been in my 20ies y.o at the end of the 60ies – 70 to go to Woodstock, I would have seen Jimi Hendrix live somewhere, I would maybe have been there when Montreux Casino burnt down and gave birth to “Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple, as I’m living on “Lake Geneva Shorelines” as in the lyrics. See Link to the story of the song on and Link to the lyrics on

Let’s begin with the beginning.

In the seventies, until I was ten, I heard mostly the music my parents were listening to, well it was the seventies, I could have discovered all the remaining of the hippie culture, I could have discovered all the prog-rock amazing music (I did later), or even punk.. nope… my parents were mostly listening to disco… My brother and I were raised at the sound of Boney M and Abba… ok great, not the music I went to later, but I respect, they made big success and nice compositions. Furthermore, my dad had us listening to a lot of classical music. Very Good.

Well, teenage… in the 80ies, I began to associate music with feelings, time to make friends and “choose”… ok, it’s not really a choice actually, it’s which music resonate the most deep inside you, and what makes your inner cord vibrate!
I discovered music such as Talk Talk, Duran Duran and The Cure. I used to love “The Cure”, but not the hits, as I realized later, usually the radio hits will bore me a lot… so I didn’t like “close to me” but felt deep feelings on “Charlotte Sometimes”. I also began to discover music from the 70 I had miss as a child, like early Pink Floyd, Marillion.

When some my teenage friends began going to dance in nightclubs, I began to go to rock concerts …

In the 80ies was also ..the french Renaud… he described the everyday life of a french teenager, and this struck soooooo much to me. and his masterpiece “Mistral Gagnant” was the song that, as a teenager, made me think “I will do that when I’ll have kids” (“tenir dans ma main ses petits doigts”). Mistral Gagnant, is the name of a candy, (see here song starts at 0:45 + lyrics translation+comments) makes me cry out of joy just now writing to you, and it will all the time, every time and for ever, what it meant to me at this time was enormous. And now that I do have my kids, each and every time I do the things he says in the song: I sit on a bench with my children, hold their hands, heir their crystal laughters, jump and in rain puddle … I do think of Renaud’s song, and I realize the Happiness I do enjoy at the very moment. Merci Renaud pour Mistral Gagnant.

Then Rock

Last year I stumbled upon a video done by Chicago Music Exchange where Alex Chadwick plays 100 popular riffs in one take! the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll from 1953 to 2011. I love the 1965-1975 range. And you?

Also, as I’m very much interested into Rock History, I registered to attend a free course on Coursera about the History of Rock (Part 1), starting May 2013. I will write a post when the course will be done and add the link here.

Then came Metal…

From my late teenage, end of the 80ies, I’m very picky to which song will make me feel alive and vibrate, that will make me *feel*! I have liked a lot bands playing grunge early 90ies, then metal. But I can’t really say I like a style at large, neither a band, or an album, even a song… sometimes it will be just a few seconds, just the perfect bridge, the vibrant guitar solo. Of course, the bands which create more of those magic moments are my favorites, most of them play metal, see some on my facebook music likes, some became my friends as well. I’ll write about them!

And …

I’ll also write posts about other musics, world music I discovered while traveling, music played at the music-workshop for the kids, including discovering instruments… There is so much to say!

I love what only a few notes can do, all the melodies of the world… I love what feelings it can create deep in our hearts, I love when I get overwhelmed in a positive way. Thank you music !

And You?

Now your turn, please tell me about the music that makes you high? post links to youtube videos and even to your music if you are an artist!

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4 thoughts on “Does music trigger high emotions for you too?”

  1. I love music from the 70s too – Hendrix, the Doors, the Beatles, the Eagles, the Stones. I haven’t met people because of music, but I have had some of the most important realizations in my life because of them. My favorite band is the Goo Goo Dolls, although I only like about 1/4th of their songs.

    Good post!

    1. Hi Morgan and thank you for your comment!

      It’s nice that you like music from before your birth. Especially the ones in the 70ies, they wanted to change the world 🙂

      I went on youtube to listen to a song by the Goo Goo Dolls, it was nice, but I don’t know if it was a song in your 1/4 or 3/4 🙂

      Talk to you soon!

  2. Hi Patricia! We met on (I’m trying to get back in but waiting on support to give me back my key)–and you also followed my eatplaymove blog. Now I finally made it here to explore your writing, and in true form I’m most intrerested in gabbing about personal stuff. The soundtrack of my life is very important to me as well, and has shaped everything from my earliest childhood memories to my young destiny to my marriage and that means family/kids, too. Let me explain (I’ll try to sum it up with examples!)…

    My family enjoyed music–it’s part an ethnic thing (we’re Polish, in Chicagoland) Sunday morning rides to church, weddings and holidays offered plenty of radio time and a selection of local bands, some of them actually had family friends and church members in them…well you get the idea. My mom was a very young mother and housewife with a secret passion for music and an itsy allowance weekly. She’d squirrel away a bit of grocery money each week to buy a record for our collection (they sold the Top 40 at the supermarket!) and it wasn’t till I was a teen that I realized what great taste she had. I’m 9 years older than you, so it was a great time for A & B sides: from the Beatles, Roy Orbison and Ray Charles to pop hits from Nancy Sinatra, Sonny & Cher, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Dave Clark 5 and omg, even world music from Don Ho and Harry Belefonte. My mom was known for her love of South Pacific–Hawaiin and Caribbean music in general appealed to her.

    Now, her mom would turn on the Spanish station for some reason. The rumor is she had a thing for Latin men in her youth (the women in my family all got married at 19 so I don’t how this happened?) and possibly went on a date with an actor named Ceasar Romero, but I looked him up and I think due to his age, the dates were impossible. Not past my grandma to let a legend like that pursue, though. Anyway, Mexican street music often sounds a lot like a Polka… coinicidence? I myself LOVE Latin music and actually, I grew up to teach Zumba fitness strictly because of the desire to have the soundtracks and learn the dance moves. It is AWESOME.

    So, also, every guy I ever dated, except my first you know what, played the guitar. Including my husband, yes–who I’ve known since high school, we all hung out together in a big group of neo hippies born too late for our tastes. We all listened to CSNY, Jefferson Airplane, Hendrix, Cream and all of E.C.s bands, Allman Brothers, Beatles and Stones of course, and numerous other protest, jam bands and southern rockers of the 60s and 70s, though we were born 10 years past that age group. We did this in a park and in campgrounds. My favorite movie, then and in my top five now to this day is Hair. Twyla Tharp remains my favorite choreographer and due to that movie I decided that is the career I would follow after H.S. Instead of the more sensible writing career requiring college that I was qualified for.

    Oh well, a few years later I was pregnant and then married to my husband anyway, the dancing thing was lovely but I wasn’t really as dedicated as I should have been, kinda party girl, and a really great waitress so there was the money. And the baby boy was destiny–he just turned 29. He and his two younger sisters were raised like me, surrounded by ALL kinds of music (their dad stopped tuning into anything new after the late 80s Travelling Wilburys or so… and even then, those guys were just people he knew from the 70s, soooo…). My son and I have been to Wilco, Arcade Fire and Dave Matthews Band concerts together. I missed Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kyle with him, which I would have killed to see.

    My middle daughter has picked up recently on bluegrass. She’s given me some really neat music and I turned her backwards to the Scruggs–remember Beverly Hillbillies? We’ve listened to fringe country our whole life as it has related to rock, and guitar. Vince Gill from back in day, Pure Prairie League. And we loved the outlaws… Eagles of course… Linda Rondstandt. It all turned into other stuff and yes, there was some pickin and fiddlin with Marshall Tucker, Charlie Daniels and Molly Hatchet. HATCHET–Dreams. OMG.

    So the youngest girl. She is odd. She likes rap. I am good with some–Eminem is simply a poet, no two ways about it, I can’t figure his genius with words sometimes. Despite that anger. 😉 I have enjoyed random songs by Ludicrous and R Kelly and Kanye, yes I have! And my youngest, she TRULY like country. It’s bizarre. and R & B. We share a fascination with female vocalists. From Beyonce to Patty Griffith. The Celine Dion Christmas album is an annual tradition between the two of us that is to some a bit obsessive.

    Final story to make you drool: my husband and I have worked and hung out backstage, managing the green rooms and more, at the Eric Clapton Crossroads concerts in 20010, 2007, and we had all access in 2004. It’s a professional connection. We have met and even spoken too, taken pics with, etc. some idols. Some, they are kind of too busy for you. Others, are the nicest most down to earth people. I will tell you it took three times for E.C. to converse a line with my husband and when he did we almost needed a change of clothes for him. Me, my best buddy was M.C. Bill Murray. I’m not kidding. We actually were, like, peas in a pod–he is a regular guy and I love him. But musicians from Buddy Guy and B.B. King to Los Lobos and Warren Haynes and Cheryl Crow and Susan Tedeshke and Ron Wood and Johnny Winter (kind of decrepit) and John Mayer (not social) and Johnny Lange (smiles constantly) and my beloved Sonny Landreth (oh I love his playing so much)… all rubbed elbows with us and we saw and heard them this close. Carlos Santana was near me in the hotel bar. He prays when he plays you know. You could feel his spirit in the room I swear.

    I like classical and some opera songs too, though I don’t know as much. Cello moves me. I do like me some strings. And I have owned Edith Piaf for decades now. Why? Non, Je ne regrette rien…. was on the soundtrack to the movie Bull Durham. Loved it, love her and oh–I often get movie soundtracks too. That’s an art to itself. P.S. French was my second language in school Je parle en peu. Mais… j’ai etudie (oh gosh I don’t know if there’s an r there, I think so?) le langue il y’a (that’s wrong too I think) vent ans. (so, I don’t know how to spell 15 anymore! You don’t use it, you lose it! Well I tried…I should start singing Edith now- hah!)

    Bands on my bucket list I have not seen: Dylan. Pearl Jam. Paul Simon. I have a real love of Paul Simon and missed each of his incarnations with a heavy heart. If I could have seen him with Ladysmith…oh…

    I hope you enjoyed my answer to your question. In a word, YES! HIGH EMOTIONS.

    1. Hi Faith!
      Oh what a reply!! Thank you so much to stop by my blog and for a so long and nice reply!

      I love open tastes and I must say bravo on that! Yeah, that’s great!
      And I love how you describes everything, your write really well… and your reply is way better than my post 🙂

      I especially love when you say :
      – we all hung out together in a big group of neo hippies born too late for our tastes
      – We have met and even spoken too, taken pics with, etc. some idols

      yeah I know the feeling, ok some of my idols are on a much smaller audience, but still….

      I will not comment any artist you mentioned, but I read your reply very carefully and there are some that I need to discover!

      btw 15 = quinze

      thank you again, so much, for this answer and for your subscription to the newsletter, really it means a lot on a personal blog (business sites to come), especially in the beginning, you will always be special as among the early-subscriber.

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