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Hi and welcome, this is the page where you can learn more about me and all my projects.

Short version

I’m Patricia Brun Torre, I live in Versoix near Geneva in Switzerland and my primary language is French

I have several web projects, business and/or passion related : “Bringing people together” to create or join communities (on or off-line) is something that energize me much. You can find all my projects, as well as all contact info on my “All” page here, you can visit the sites, some are on beta phase. Here we are on the personal blog which is also the hub to my other projects, if you are not interested in my personal stuff, which is perfectly fine :), please go to my other projects page 🙂

In the beginning I struggled to find, as I have been taught to in marketing courses, a “unique” passion to follow and create a unique website with that…  Well, there is just too much things that passionate me (see the list at the end of the page), so I gather all this on this blog, and create other stuff from there.

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Long Version

feel free to skip 🙂

I’m Patricia Brun Torre (Brun = maiden name, Torre = name of my husband), I’m born in 1970 in Geneva Switzerland and still live near Geneva, in Versoix. My primary language is French, I also speak much better English than a few years ago, and I’m learning Swedish while my husband talk in Swedish to our kids. I’m 43 at time of writing in 2013, but feel 18 sometimes.


I met my husband when I was 32, and we have 3 kids were born in 2007, 2009 and 2010. More than love, they are a source of inspiration and give me the desire to do more, and try bigger things for them. We would like to travel a lot with them in order for them to discover and interact with a lot of different people from different cultures and places. I also would like to teach them we all have an impact on the world. There will be posts about my family on this personal blog, about parenting and everyday joy .


During my 20’s I traveled a bit, and between travels, I worked as a temporary secretary for about 20 companies, on behalf of Adecco. I saw a lot of different kind of companies, and saw for whom I wouldn’t want to work on a long term (architects, lawyers), and that I preferred industry. From 2000 to 2006, I had a fix job at the Geneva Utilities (SIG) but even it was a very good job, I felt I preferred to be a freelancer. I left and tried to run a small business creating websites for small companies, clubs or freelancers. It was very little money for lot of hours. And long period without working as I have toddlers, so now I focus on creating websites that will matter: a blogging community, a multisite hosting for my clients, a local community, and other projects, see full list here.

Other passions and interests

Science at large, Evolution, Positive Psychology, Secularism/Humanism, History of Migrations and Invasions (studied through linguistic, genetic, and religious massive conversions), Music (rock, metal, some folk) and Alternative Arts, Ethics, Languages, Travelling, Social rights, Minorities rights, Peace & Love, Diversity : bio-, social-, cultural-, rescue of old languages and traditions of the world, and of course Environmental issues.

As you can see, I’m a multipassion and maybe multipotential person, I may talk, or not, on this blog about any of the mentioned topics (I will edit and add links whenever it happens), or even other as my interest can rise very fast on any new stuff I encounter.

Published June 2013 : Core Values and Beliefs

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