World Domination Summit 2013

I’m going to the World Domination Summit 2013 in Portland, USA

June 19th, 2013

World Domination Summit 2013

Last year, the World Domination Summit was an unreachable dream, and this year, I’m going, even though it’s in 2 weeks, I just can’t believe it happens!

The World Domination Summit, which is held in Portland, Oregon, USA, is a gathering of 3000 people called remarkable by the summit. They are either bloggers in all kind of topics, or artists, coaches, authors, service providers, etc.

It’s mastered by Chris Guillebeau, famous blogger, author and traveler. Among his famous books are The Art of Non-Conformity, or The $100 Startup. The word “Domination” can be misleading if you don’t know about it and Chris Guillebeau, it’s in the sense to take on the world, and show we can live an unconventional life.

I will never thank enough my friend Cat who gave me her ticket, yes, she gave it to me. That day, last April, I cried out of joy for such kindness and I now promise to her I will honor the gift.

My (new)ย  business sites not being launched, and money being short on family budget (this will be a post on the personal side of this blog), it was really not sure I could pay for the flight ticket, but really this is an “investment” for my future, and just got paid by a customer, so here I go.

Beside the official talks (see the great schedule here, for example Darren Rowse, Pamela Slim, etc), a lot of meetings are happening, and I plan to make the most of them. For me who love to meet and connect with people, I just can’t wait! I will attend at least 2 book launch parties, one for the book “Suitcase Entrepreneur” from Natalie Sisson, and one for the book “The Declaration of You” from Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift. I will also attend a film debut screening, “Indie Kindred” from Jen Lee. I realise I love to connect with artists.

I’ll meet all my friends from the Scott Dinsmore’s LiveYourLegend community (a big meeting of almost 70 people from LiveYourLegend is planned), among them especially my good Australian friends Nazrin, Leah and Melanie from The Pursuit of Purpose, as well as Liz Seda from A Life on Your Terms, Susi Masarweh de Fifty-Two Changes… And so many others …

I will also meet people I’ve been online masterminding with, Zander, Dave and Toi, andย many others, like my “instructors” or fellow members at Fizzle, Puttytribe, Connect With Anyone, Danny Iny‘s misc courses, etc… And of course, I’ll see again Chris Ducker, Meron Bareket and Julie, whom I met in London last May for a great mastermind day. There are many more, I would like to mention you all guys!

It’s something huge for me to be able to meet them all, really!

I have also the opportunity to take part in a world record attempt, see details here, but as of today, I’m still not sure I’ll do it.

I look forward to write the review of the summit, either here or on BlogInteraction, depending on launch day. Because after all, the most important is to share information, and I really want to make BlogInteraction to be that for the ones who cannot go to such events, and more generally for people who do not have access to all the resources, could be because of language or other reasons.

I have not been in the USA for 20 years now, and I’ll arrive on the 4th of July, fun.

If you want me to cover something specific on the summit, please tell me.

And you, to which summit did you go?

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11 thoughts on “I’m going to the World Domination Summit 2013 in Portland, USA”

  1. Patricia!

    The excitement of connecting with everyone and having all of our fantastically wonderful energy combined in one place is incredibly inspiring!


    SEE you SOON ๐Ÿ™‚

    xoxo ~susi

    1. Dear Susi,
      Thank you so much for commenting here, it means a lot to me in the beginning of this blog.

      And yes, you’re right! We can feel the energy.

      I can’t wait now, we’ll have a lot of fun!

  2. Patricia I also cannot believe that we can all meet in person finally. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I described it to someone yesterday that it will be like coming home.

    I cannot wait to give you a massive bear hug & a huge high five.

    See you very, very soon beautiful lady xoxoxo

    1. Oh Leah, thank you so much! and yeah me too, I can’t wait for hugs from you all Aussies ๐Ÿ™‚

      I know you fly in 7 days and visit California a bit first, so I wish you all 3 a very nice trip and enjoy the visits!


      PS: I just see on FB that you published a new post on your site, I must go read that immediately ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Oh my! This is a real life changing moment for you and so many, I can feel it already… I love Chris (well, from afar, I mean, just reading his stuff, you know…) and I can’t wait to read your reports–anything you cover will be appreciated (but if you happen to go the the Yoga on the Lawn workshop, please bring me into your best intentions.) Have the BEST time, learning, growing, sharing. I love when these free ticket things happen. It was meant to be!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Faith!

      I will not attend the Yoga workshop because it’s at the same time than an activity I want to attend (too many things at the same time), but I will think about you nonetheless…

      Actually, the few of you who are my first commenters on my blog (which is very new), have become instantly special to me… entering the circle of persons I think about when I live an important moment.

      Talk to you very soon again!

  4. Hi Patricia,

    It is awesome that you are going to the Word Domination Summit, just a tiny bit jealous haha. I have followed Chris for a while and everything he does is amazing and all the other speakers and people who attend as well. I love to connect with inspiring and cool people, so I will try my best to be there next year ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Navid and thank you for you comment!
      I understand your feeling, I was the same before I got this incredible present and it opened the possibility for me to go.

      I guess I will also try going in 2014. Actually I would like to go with my whole family (kids are now 6 and 4 and 2.5 y.o), and after WDS with family vacations travelling along the Pacific Coast (WA, OR, CA) or something similar. I will try earn enough money with my business to come to be able to afford that.

      I wish you to be at the WDS next year… ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. That is an awesome plan. What a goal. I would love to travel to that part of the country–it’s one of the places I have not had the chance to explore. I think I will join you in affirming that as a real possibility, Patricia. ENJOY this one in the meantime! –Faith

  5. Hello I found your website from the live your legend blog challenge. I am so jealous that you were able to attend this event. Since I started my blog in February I have had my eyes on attending someday. Maybe next year I can meet you at the event. Love your website.


    1. Oh Jennifer!! I found your old comment in the spam list, I’m so sorry I didn’t see/approve earlier. this perso blog was a bit abandoned on the last few months as I was working on my other projects, that may explain it, but still ๐Ÿ™‚

      I thank you very much for your comment, and yes as you say I was very lucky to be able to go to WDS last year, and meet some of our friends there! I cannot go this year, but hopefully in 2015, and yes, hope to meet you there!

      I will now visit your site ๐Ÿ™‚
      I wish you all the best and talk to you soon!

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